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Mission Statement

The SNLS Network was created as an independent media co-op network aimed at covering subjects most independent media fail to cover via fears of losing readers, or by being censored. The basis for this network is to support self-ownership, self-sustainability and to report on and against any entity that uses coercion as their means of action and furtherance of their goals. This stance creates the need and reaction for the SNLS Network to stand against War, Governments, Oligarchs, Zionism, Islamic fundamentalism, Forced socialism (Communism), The New World Order (NWO), and so on…

So What Does “The SNLS Network” Support and Stand for?

We stand up for Individual liberties, Counter-Culture, Free Markets & Counter-Economics (Agorism), Small l libertarianism, Peaceful and Holistic Anarchy (Voluntaryism), and Self Defence.

We understand perfectly that ‘The Powers That Be’ (TPTB) creates criminals via fictitious victimless crimes/charges. In this regard, we support a live and let live, No victim, No crime mentality. Live free or die! Don’t Tread on anyone!

We would like to make it absolutely clear that we here at the SNLS Network support the following…

• Unconstrained Speech (Liberated Speech)
• Bartering and alternative currency use (Real Free Market)
• Being an illegal immigrant and hiring illegal immigrants (Being Human)
• Arms Manufacturing and Trafficking (Self-Defence)
• Drug trafficking (Self Medicating and Free Trading)
• Subsistence farming (Permaculture)
• Smuggling. (Autonomy, Untracked Free Market)
• Tax evasion (Anti-Sponsored Theft and Robbery)
• Voluntary Prostitution (Self-Ownership, Exchange of skills and Talents for wages earned.)

If it isn’t regulated, then it cannot be trafficked or smuggled!

What we do not support is any Government, Company or Person, who uses coercion to make possible their way of life. If you are confused by our stance and ethics please learn and understand the concept of the “Non-Aggression Principle” (NAP). This is a simple concept that helps identify and avoid unethical behavior in ourselves and others. The principle states that it is unethical and unjust to initiate coercion, physical force, threats, or fraud against other people. SNLS is, in reality, Some Next Level Shit!



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