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Neil Radimaker

Partner, Film-Maker


Hello, My name is Neil Radimaker. I am an Investigative Journalist, photojournalist, and filmmaker. In 2010 I left the centralized corporate world to try my best to live an alternative  Agorist / Permaculture lifestyle. I am a full-time Voluntaryist and Liberty activist.

Why do I do what I do?

I do not get paid for a lot of my job positions/creations. I volunteer my time helping those without the funds to take their ideas to the next level.

Full Bio:

Part entrepreneur, part graphic designer, part journalist, natural filmmaker, and photographer; Neil brings an exclusive vision to his projects with an educated and engaging sense of humor. This unique approach and his polymathic nature is what makes his style so exclusive.

Neil’s videography and editing skills are top-notch, he is a jack of all trades, drawing inspiration from a myriad of skills to exemplify his well-rounded expertise and insight in the production industry. Sprinkle all that with some professional OCD, a nearly psychotic attention to detail, and an unorthodox approach to creative thought and you never know what you are going to get out of Neil. We’re not even sure if he always knows. What we do know, however, is that whatever it is that Neil touches, it’s going to kick ass.

Neil has shot for networks such as MTVTruTVAnimal PlanetEpix and KCAL9 of CBS networks; not to mention his involvement with the 2011 Latin Grammys. He made magic for the crew of Operation Repo, SoCal Spotlight, Superstar Guitar, and Dew Circuit Breakout too.

He has such a keen eye that he has even talent scouted for a VH1 Fashion Show. His experience doesn’t end there; Neil has produced content for over a dozen well-known and reputable corporations including McAfee SecurityUS AirwaysVolkswagenHondaGMCStanley SteamerRampart CasinoKonami Gaming, and Advantage Rent-A-Car.

He has worked alongside, and studied under, famed photographer, Shane O’Neal; Neil has also collaborated with photographers such as Mike PradoDominic Petruzzi, and Isaac Madera and industry leading producers and directors such as Rod RoddenberryScott Colthorp, and Aaron Wilder. Many people know about Neil’s name and abilities, maybe you should too.

Neil is an incognito musician as well, but he will deny it. However, members of Hollywood Undead and former members of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus would disagree, after having worked with him through time. His video work can also be admired through his collaboration with the guitarist from Meatloaf, Sebastian Bach, Mr. Paul CrookSleepy Brown of the Dungeon Family, SaosinHeaven Sent, Lorene Drive, and members from Fear for the March of Flames. His true passions are short film-making, music video production, and photography. He is truly a guy behind the guy, but his work pretty much speaks for itself.

Personal Note/Statement from Neil:

When the person you love suffers from multiple chronic and auto-immune diseases/illnesses. Life can feel like a prison for both in so many ways. It feels like a 3rd party is stealing from you what others take for granted without a thought. A dance, a walk, a kiss, a smile, a trip somewhere nice, dreams, goals, plans, happiness. But, then you realize when you get that brief moment of joy or peace, it is more powerful than everyone else enjoys. It is like starving and getting a bite of your favorite meal when dirt would have done just fine. This fight has made us stronger than anyone could ever know. All we want is to be free from this rat race, to live the way we want to, to do what we want to do. That way being… one that can not and will never produce a victim. It is bad enough that we are limited in the ways that we are. But then the government comes in and makes what is possible, illegal. We have no choice but to fight even harder, inward and outward.

All we want to do is go off-grid, provide for ourselves on land we own. Adhere to the Gerson treatment and a 100% raw organic diet, build an earth home and aquaponics system, grow cannabis for (non-psychoactive) CBD oil treatments, and not go to jail for things like, collecting rainwater and/or bartering items like… Raw Milk, Eggs. We just want to be left alone. Mostly to enjoy our friends and other loved ones while we still have time here on earth. Time is the most valuable thing a person has. If we talk to you know the reason is enough to propel us to spend it on you. Every moment I am not in her arms kills me.

I do not like boxes. We all live in boxes within boxes upon boxes. I want to live in a circle, not a box. We are all trapped in this box you see right now, in the box of your browser, in the box of your monitor or smartphone, sitting at a box table, in the box room, in the box house, on the boxed property, on the boxed block you live or work on. Once you get past that, things start getting interesting to me. I need a lot of nature most of my time, to deal with the way of life we all struggle in. I travel for the film and I just help people never knowing how we are going to make it month to month, but somehow we do, thanks to some great people out there and the small jobs I can pull off between moments of our greater goals.

Traveling without my wife and seeing beautiful things without her is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. It makes the more beautiful of a site I see without her, actually hurt. That is my prison. Why do I do what I do? When I lost my career I was very very bored and lost myself, I decided to be the help I needed, for others. I started doing things without the thought or concept of gaining or prospering, just to help change things in the messed up world, to help spread information and help build collaboration networks that focus more on direct-action that keep a “just do it mentality”. I have been working outside of the system, I have not had a bank account in 15 years. I currently use PayPal for my centralized banking needs (Payments & Direct deposits) and I use Crypto-Currencies for my personal needs and finances.

Words of Wisdom:

“Make a mental note of whatever offends you, and ask yourself who programmed you to respond that way ” because it is in no way natural to become manic and emotional when presented with largely abstract concepts. Many people become very angry about certain issues, and take on an almost militant attitude about issues that have nothing at all to do with their own lives. This type of behavior, once limited to heavily dogmatized religious adherents and communists, has made way into the mainstream of culture, and if one is able to recognize and acknowledge it in oneself, this leads to a dynamic paradigm shift. Again, all revolution must come to you by way of fearless and brutally honest self-analysis. Learning to accept and admit fault is key; one also must never set boundaries on one’s own perception. No single article, link, blog, book, or library, can provide a truly comprehensive understanding of what is going on here on this satellite called Earth, because understanding is something that can’t be given, received or memorized, but must be autonomously produced within your own consciousness.”


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